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Yoga Teacher in Thailand

Chiang Mai Yoga:

Yoga in ChiangmaiWhen you want to relax your body and relax your mind, tune in to Marc's voice instructions. Relax, open and let go. Surrender to your body and you'll be flying in spiritual places that you always knew existed.

Private yoga instruction in ThailandDon't forget your shoes...
Don't forget your keys...
Don't forget your sunglasses...

He'll remind you after class how to come back into your body. No worries...

Mighty lions in Hatha Yoga from ThailandMarc's classes are run in conjunction with Diana's workshops and retreats. If you are interested in yoga programs open to the public and available in Chiang Mai or Bangkok please see our list of recommended locations listed here. Classes at these locations are open to all interested participants. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti...

Chiang Mai Yoga Classes for Visitors and Local Expats

Here is a list of open yoga classes in Chiang Mai. Classes are more readily available during the high season from Nov - Jan.

Yoga Classes in Bangkok

  • Yoga Elements
    29 Vanissa Building 23rd Floor Soi Chitlom, Patumwan Bangkok
    Tel: 02.655.5671

Yoga Classes Anywhere

    Richard Palumbo's Yoga Connection page keeps you up-to-date on Yoga happenings around the world and in Thailand. He has a list of teachers for those travelling and welcomes news or feed back about yoga in the part of the world where ever you live. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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