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Walking Barefoot on a bed of Broken Glass

We've been putting bare foot people on broken glass since 1996.

Walking on a bed of broken glass is perfect for stimulating internal organs.

Physically, the benefits of walking and laying on glass include relaxation and stimulation. This stimulations effects blood circulation and allows for the creation and repair of capillaries. By helping with blood circulation, broken glass can heal heart related ailments, kidney problems, nervous system ailments and paralysis.

Walking on the glass is like having reflexology performed on your feet and directly effect organs within the body. You cannot massage the internal organs of your body, put you can activate their associated energy lines (meridians) by manipulating the external body. The deeper the glass penetrates, the more stimulation you receive.

Sleeping on Broken Glass to Purify and Heal

Diana experienced a great emotional tragedy in her life. The resulting shock caused her to collapse. She experienced clinical death and was united with her spiritual teacher. They asked her to return to her body and continue her work with others. When she regained consciousness, however, the left side of her body was completely paralyzed. She was guided by her spiritual teachers to sleep on broken glass. After one year, her health was restored and she regained the use of her body.

Before Walking or Laying on Broken Glass

Saw hello, introduce yourself, active the energy of fire. Then, state the following affirmations:

I have a key.
I may do anything I want.
My body is elastic and flexible.
I give all of my pain, illness and discomfort to the glass.

FAQ's about walking Barefoot on Broken Glass

Who can walk on broken glass?

Any and all people of any age. Children are usually much less concerned about injury than adults.

Walking on glass is a family affair for Kanithta and her daughters from Bangkok, Thailand.
Barefooted Glass Walking:
A family affair for Kanitha and her daughters
from Bangkok, Thailand

Will I get cut by walking barefoot on glass?

This is certainly a possibility. We find that indentations indicate attention required at a specific spot on the body (i.e. a large indentation below the big toe would indicate a neck problem). When people do receive cuts, the blood is often dark red. Diana says the glass acts as a magnet to pull impurities out of the body (kind of like psychic surgery).

Why would I want to walk with barefooted on broken glass?

Face your fears. Stimulate your body. Healing. Empower your self with a key to do anything you wish!

What are the benefits of sleeping on broken glass?

Deep relaxation and stimulation occur during your nap on broken glass. Yogi's sleep on beds of nails for similar reasons.

Diana works with Ralph to open and activate his heart chakra while he's open and relaxed on broken glass.
Take a load off and relax on broken glass.

Why do we use wine (or champagne) bottles?

The juice of grapes are like tears form Earth. The bottles are cleaned and heated for 30 minutes to sterilize and physically clean the glass. But an individual bottle also holds the energy of those that made the bottle, those that handled it and those that drank the wine. We must use energy from our hands to spiritual clean each bottle. When use energy from the element fire for this purpose.

Why glass?

Glass is made from sand and represents the element of air, earth and fire. Why is this important? Because this glass will be purified and reprogrammed with energy for healing. One hour sleeping on the glass has the same effect of a four hour nap.

Can I walk alone on broken glass?

At first, you should not walk on the glass without a teacher, but after a few times you'll be able to benefit from broken glass on your own and may even prepare your own broken glass bed.

How can I prepare my own bed of broken glass?

Preparing the Bottles: 40 to 50 wine (or champagne) bottles should be soaked in water to remove any paper labels. Use fairly large bottles so that the pieces are not so breakable once they are in small pieces. Heat the bottles in an oven (at 400 degrees) for 15 to 20 minutes. Place them in a canvas sack and use a hammer (iron skillet) to break them into small pieces. Wear gloves and eye protection. Remove the bottle necks.

Making and Using the Bed: Use a wood frame or place the glass on a tarp with an old blanket to give a little cushion. Spread the glass to about a 8 cm (3 inch) depth. Use a folded hand towel for a pillow and a sheet for a bed cover. Use a separate towel to brush off glass that sticks to the skin. Be careful not to step on the splinters that appear at the edge of the glass.

We ask our spiritual teacher(s) to bless the glass, use a smudge stick and recite healing mantras to energize it before first use. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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