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Tibetan Meditation : Healing Breathing

What is Tibetan Breathing?

Tibetan Breathing is self-help healing technique that expands your lungs and increases oxygen in your blood. All your organs (and your brain) benefit from more oxygen and work better.

Daily practice of this breathing program has been shown to calm the nervous system, regulate heart activity, relax muscles and spasms, oxygenate the blood, reduce blood pressure, stimulate digestion and help to clean the body of toxins.

How to perform Tibetan Breathing

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine straight and your feet apart and flat on the floor.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Turn your left hand palm upwards on your left knee, connect your thumb and index finger to form a circle, keep your other 3 fingers extended and straight.
  4. Place your right hand, palm flat, directly below your belly button.
  5. Inhale through your nose. Follow your breath up your from your nose and over your head. Continue down your spine until you reach your tailbone.
  6. Contract your butt muscles and clinch your sphincter.
  7. Pursing your lips together (like whistling), exhale from your mouth, release your butt muscles and sphincter, push your breath up the front of your body with your belly muscles.
  8. Perform a second breath.
  9. Now, move your right hand to your heart or anywhere else where you have pain or discomfort.
  10. Perform two more breathes, for a total of 4 inhale/exhales.

This simple breathing exercise establishes an equilibrium between positive and negative currents throughout the body. Start by performing these 4 breathes twice per day. Early morning after waking and night time before bed are best.

You can perform Tibetan Breathing while sitting, laying down or even while walking (keep your hands in your pockets). Any time you feel you need more energy, perform Tibetan Healing Breathing.

Note: this Tibetan Breathing Technique is a very powerful energizer which should not be overdone. If this is your first time to work with breathing, start slowly. If you feel dizzy or light headed, open your eyes and perform smaller/shallower breathes. Work you way up to full lung capacity at your own pace. If you have a dry throat, drink water before perform the exercise and/or reduce the breathing to once or twice a day.

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