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Thailand Links
Experience calm, relaxation and tranquility — spending a few minutes a day under an Ajna Light leaves you refreshed and invigorated. We think you'll be ready for your own session under a light after exploring the words of others in 1 to 2 minute videos here.
Jiaogulan Wholesaler: Representing one of natures most miraculous adaptogenic, antioxidant herbal teas. Grown organically in the hills of Northern Thailand, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum heals the body naturally. Try their IMMORTALITEA and see why they won the award for the Best Tasting Tea in Thailand!
Neurofeedback technology is now available in Asia. What if you could balance your brain through feedback? And, what if it became like riding a bicycle and stayed with you after just a week of exercise? 10 years of meditation training can be packed in just a few sessions. Warning: Balancing and Harmonizing your brain is not for the light hearted - after you tame your brain, you become it's master... that makes you responsible for your own actions!

Celestial Gem Art: Handmade jewelry inspired by the heavens for spiritual healing. Designed by Amy R. Hausermann. Contact Amy to view her entire line while in Chiang Mai or purchase Amy's wonderful creations onling at Visionary Art Workshop. Mineral spring-water infused with Oxygen Micro-Bubbles. Water & Air in a bottle - sweet! From our friends at Misty Mountain Meditation Resort, only 45 minutes from Chiang Mai on the road to Pai.

Flight of the Gibbon: Tree Top Adventure
Our white-water rafting friends from New Zealand, David and Louise, who built Nepal's famous Last Resort and 500ft Bungy Jump have now made it to Northern Thailand to give us a new adventure. Just 45 minutes out of Chiang Mai. You can soar like a gibbon through 1500 year old rain forest tree-tops on zip lines. It's a couple of hours flying from platform to platform, WAY UP in the trees. There's a great waterfall hike nearby, wonderful restaurant and homestay village. We gave it a try on Diana's birthday in 2008, see Diana's run here and a flyer's perspective with Marc here.

Silver Dove
Meditative Art, Healing and Metaphysical Study Center. Study and learn with Katharina Bless: Skyview Astrology, Bach Flower Therapy, Mandala Workshops, Crystal Bowl Harmonics and Healing, Dakini Oracle Tarot and more.
Colonic irrigation. Ion foot spa. Ozone therapy. Electro medicine. All of this available at VERY reasonable prices. An Auyervedic Clinic in the heart of the city right across from the OTOP offices. Try a 4 handed Auyervedic or Thai massage and your body will be so please you'll brain will just have just stop and Enjoy!!
Meet Cory Croymans for a great session of Reiki and Bio-energetic healing therapies. There's lots of science behind these techniques but the real Art comes in diagnosis and application. We hope more people we become open to these wonderful healing therapies. Cory offers classes so you can take the knowledge and wisdom of these Asian Healing Arts back to your own country.
Osho Sayasin, Prem Anup Karlsson, experienced a new vibrational energy while performing a healing session on a client. He entered a meditative state later on and attuned himself to those energies. Now he has been initiated into a source of ancient healing magic he shares with others; the very essence of Merlin.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Courses and treatments by Khun Runrat and Khun Sudhisak, a couple of Chinese Doctors and Pharmacists. Mungkala Clinic, 21 Ratchamanka, 053-278-494, 053-208-431,

Chiang Mai News and Travel
A local print-guide catering to expats that want to keep up-to-date on local Chiang Mai happenings. Great place for posting Free online classified ads.
The only local English news paper for Chiang Mai. Free Classifieds.

Welcome to Chiangmai & Chiangrai Magazine
Our areas oldest and most complete print guides for traveler's seeking the best kept secrets of Thailand's northeastern provinces.

Chiang Mai Visit: What to Do ~ Goto this website and select Chiang Mai for things of interest in and around Chiang Mai.

Pierre's List of Alternative Todo's - here's Vipassana meditation, yoga, healing practicianers and links collected over the years from a regular Chiang Mai Expat.

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai
Here's the classiest of northern Thailand's massage schools. These guys teach the teachers and are certified by the Ministry of Education. But, more importantly, Jan and Nu have put together a course where people meditate, study, practice and eat in one group. This makes for a powerful dynamic when learning one of Thailand's special healing arts. You can even pre-book your class online.
An eEverything sight with currency conversion, embassy and consulate listings, visa info, current weather and travel time-tables for airlines, trains and buses.

Phuket Island
Here's a Hotel and Travel Guide to Thailand's most popular island get-away. This get's our personal award for the cleanest site design of any we've seen on Phuket. We'll be popping over to check out the weather on the home page before our next trip to the island.

Bangkok Hotel Search
Don't wait until you're dragging your luggage around the heat and smog of Bangkok. Book your hotel from the comfort of your home or airconditioned internet cafe.
Set yourself up to do Phuket with class. Start on this site for all the important island information in English, French and Japanese.

Bangkok Hotels
Check out the really cool maps on this site to find out just where you want to stay in the City of Bangkok. The Sky-Train is like a Disney land ride overlooking a futuristic set from the movie Bladerunner. Pick a hotel close to the train route for the best possible Bangkok shopping tour.

Thailand Hotels
Don't let the funny domain name fool you. This site is loaded with all you need to know to tour Thailand and learn about its culture, history, hotels and more.

Thailand Hotels
Provides a large selection of hotels with discounts for internet booking. Use the cash you save and upgrade to a room-with-a-view!
Richard Palumbo's Yoga Connection page keeps you up-to-date on Yoga happenings around the world and in Thailand. He has a list of teachers for those travelling and welcomes news or feed back about yoga in the part of the world where ever you live.

Bali and Thailand Travel Forums
Bulletin boards for travellers / travelers going to Bali, Lombok or Thailand to ask for help / information / advice from people who have already been to these tropical holiday / vacation paradises.
An English language based web-directory of Thailand. Includes Restaurants, Entertainment, Travel and much more.

Chiangmai Eguide - Tourism
A Guide to things to do around Chiang Mai. Can download a digital file with all information - neat!

Charity Organizations (Friends we Know & Recommend)

Dreams Can Come True - Jemma and Jon are doing a GREAT things for the orphans of Thailand. Help support 'the Arts' and their program here.

Give and Live - Scott is not only a great musician but a gifted, writer, humorist and wonderful giver. Help support him and his volunterr friends by supporting education for kids in rural areas of Thailand.

New Life Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Supported by H.R.H. The Princess Mother, this foundation takes care of the elder who have no remaining family and supports a variety of projects at the local level. Every single donation, regardless of size, will directly effect the lives of many people.

Thai Travel Info - Images of Bangkok's and Thailand's well known and less traveled attractions.

Recommended Links Outside of Thailand
Soyfee is the amazing coffee alternative for people with discriminating tastes. These organic beans are genetically pure, GMO-Free, fat free, 100% gluten free and naturally CAFFEINE free!! Soyfee is the ideal choice for people seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Journey into the land of the Wild Divine
We have discovered a computer program to help with your own meditation and spiritual practice. Using bio-feedback technology and program-guided teachers, you'll discover special exercises to increase your self-knowledge and awareness. We've ordered programs for friends and even demonstrated the product at Bangkok's International Psychic Fair for over 1000's of people.

When we first had a look we decided it was a nice toy and good for play. But... after a couple of hours of practice, we found that Wild Divine is a real tool for anyone interested in meditation. Have you ever wondered if you're making progress in your own meditation practice? With the Wild Divine program you get immediate feedback and instructions on how to go further with your own self-awareness.

Jemma Jacques Travels
Jemma has spent the last 7 years compiling this book from her travels around the world. She took each photo and hand picked the amazing quotes to compliment them. We are confident that by reading this book you will be inspired from this incredible lady and gain a fresh and positive insight into life.
Get the latest non-Hollywood blockbusters. Movies with a message and a small audiance of the aware and awakened. Did you like the movies What Dreams May Come, What the Bleep Do We Know, Whale Rider? These are just the kind of films offered on a monthly membership basis to be delivered direct to your door.

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