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People change by dedicating
time to Spiritual Practice

We invite you to read the stories below and let us know if you would like to include your own.

Diana works Individually and in Workshops

Ralph KenneyRalph: “When you are truly ready for a teacher then one will be provided to you.” For me, that teacher is Diana. She’s not quite what I had in mind. I pictured a teacher from central casting, a wise old man, dignified and calm spouting obtuse but profound guidance that I would meditate on and become enlightened. What I got was an energetic Russian fireball who alternates between comic, profane, inspiring, loving and just plain ass kicking. If you are lucky enough to have Diana as a teacher then throw your preconceptions away. Whatever you’re expecting, it's not going to be like that.

I've been working with Diana since 1998 and the changes in my life have been profound. Ego had me firmly in its grip. I'm a scientist with advanced degrees in Physics and Engineering. I was a successful business person managing a mid-sized software company. At that stage in my life I had a pretty good idea who I was and what I wanted out of life. I was also completely wrong about both of those things. I went through the painful process of releasing my limiting definition of self. It isn't easy and ego doesn't go down without a fight but the rewards are rich beyond imagination.

Over the years Diana has helped me through, pokiyani, one-on-one spiritual work, shamanic traveling and a host of other practices to begin turning off my brain and feeling the rich spiritual world that is constantly around us. I’ve learned that when I'm aligned with spirit life can be a continuous flow of happy "coincidence" that leads me where I want to go. When I am not in flow it is a constant battle. Slowly I'm sensing the difference without having to be beat over the head with it. If you are ready for richer, more spiritual and more connected life, if you are truly ready for a teacher, here she is.

Sean EnrightSean: I met Diana in 1999 in Katmandu. I was traveling a lot at the time and wasn't sure why. My house had recently been raided for drugs in the USA. I was in love with women that I felt was the first person I could really confide in. Mainly I was going through a period of manifesting all my ego-driven desires. During our first meeting, Diana told me that the woman of my dreams was like the devil for me. I was so shocked that I had to see Diana again. By the end of the second session I felt something stir deep within me.

I got back to the USA and my life became a totally different experience. I was trapped for about 1 year but then a change came over me and I realized that what Diana had told me was right. I have a strong life program. My mind became clear, I split with my girlfriend and I wrote a book about my own spiritual awakening. I had more energy, power and maturity, but still needed someone close to me. I moved to Thailand for one year and Diana and I were able to work on a regular basis. I'm on my way back to the USA now, but it was nice to have someone close by to remind me how beautiful I am.

AkikoAkiko: Four years ago, I came to Thailand as a Peace Corps volunteer. My work involved helping Thai primary school teachers improve their teaching techniques. Through this work, it became very clear to me the qualities of a real teacher. Diana is a real teacher.

During each of my encounters with Diana, I am pushed to open myself, to open my world. When I first met Diana two and a half years ago, my world was much smaller than it is today. In many ways, to me ignorance was bliss. My process of awakening and growth has at times be painful, but the wisdom and compassion that flow through Diana are undeniable.

Above all, Diana helps me to trust myself. She isn’t the type of spiritual teacher who feeds my ego and gives my energy highs for the purpose of making me dependent upon her. Her methods are very student-centered and geared towards helping me gain my own self-realizations and experiences of truth. As mentioned on her website, she has given me many keys to happiness. With each door I unlock and walk through, I become more in-touch with my inner wisdom and being. I am so grateful to have found Diana. She is my teacher and friend, who not only understands me, but also helps me to understand, appreciate and express my true self.

Aloha Diana & Marc,

As Akiko's father, I would like to convey my appreciation for your gifts of love. The Buddhist monk's energy vibrates with joy through the cloth you sent home with Akiko and the monkey statue resides on my altar with the holy string.

Your unconditional love conveyed to my daughter is your most precious gift to our family. Akiko's quest to live in harmony and in rhythm with her destiny requires the love and guidance of advance souls. Her service to humanity will match the depth of her realizations.

We embrace her presence with happiness and joy. Akiko's energy changed. The maturity and depth of her chi vibrates with love and joy.

Again, thank you very so much!

I convey my love and appreciation,
Chuck Uyeda

AmyAmy: I am the 'best friend' that Akiko sent to see Diana in 2001. Before I met Diana, I blamed everything on the world around me. Everything in the world bothered me and I constantly gave away my own power. Now I'm taking responsibility for myself. The biggest change is having the ability to look inside myself and feel what's going on within. Now, when Akiko and I see Diana work with someone for the first time, we often laugh out loud. Those first lessons (that seem so obvious now) were just the beginning of our journey. Now, we're highly motivated to changing our lives and becoming more balanced people.

Changes from Bi-weekly
Kundalini Meditation

UrsulaUrsula: I was recommended to Diana by my son, Rudi, 3 year ago. Now, I am lucky to spend 5 months of each year with her in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whenever I leave Thailand to return to my home in Germany, I forget my spiritual practice and become like a wrinkled up old turtle that never smiles. While I am in Thailand, I receive Diana's support and am more healthy and active. I feel younger and all of my chronic problems disappear within the first week of my arrival. Now, I'll return to Germany again and see if I can pass on some of Diana's gifts and lessons to my closest friends.

Rudi JuniorRudi: I've changed a lot since I met Diana in 1991. During our first meeting, I was in my early-30's and Diana said I was just a little boy. I thought, 'Who is this woman to tell me such a thing,' and stormed off like a child. Later, I sent my mother (see Ursula above) to see Diana. She was having major problems with digestion and no doctor could help her within loading her up with chemicals. After the first session, my mother improved so much that I knew it was time for me to stop messing up and blaming Diana for my problems.

I started working with Diana and now I have more order to my spiritual life. Right away Diana helped me to find my spiritual teacher. She helped me to find my soul and get to know each part of myself (including the little boy she mentioned when we first met.) I accomplish much more in my life through creating art, music and even cooking. As an artist, I've always been able to visualize. Now, my visions are more specific. I know what I see and can feel what is for me. I have a deeper vision that gives me clarity in my spiritual practice and its relation to the physical world.

I've learned to listen to my heart and this has changed my relationships with others around me. People with negative energy have drifted away and I'm much cooler when I'm relating to others. I have much more wisdom. My heart is more mature and I know when and if I can help someone. I can now feel when others are open and ready to receive the gifts that I have to offer them. No one can suck my energy away.

AngelaAngie: Diana has shown me the door. I have more to do, but I'm not in a rush because I can trust my intuition and knowledge. I understand so much more from my past life experiences. This understanding has given me an in-depth realization and I now grasp the difference between thinking and feeling. I still get caught up in my head, but now I'm conscious of the difference and can catch myself. Sometimes, I only have to listen to the language I'm using; even if it's only in my head. I know my soul and love it. This gives me comfort as I feel less dependant on others and more mature inside. On a spiritual level, I see more clearly. If I had one recommendation to make to all my friends and family, I would tell them, 'Pokiyani practice is a real key to happiness.'

Pokiyani info (by links) on this site.

Marc CoferMarc: I now understand the difference between my thoughts, emotions and feelings (intuition). When I'm in my logically brain, my channel is closed. I can feel this happen when I lower my awareness from the mental cloud around my head and drop into my heart center. If I'm judging, comparing or analyzing, I KNOW I'm not feeling. Feeling is a wonderful place to come from. I would LOVE to teach more Westerners this practice and continue my own growth as well!

LorenLoren: During my five day workshop with Diana, I found a sense of calmness and trust in the universe that had been missing in my life. She helped me to uncover the struggles I've been manifesting around me that are no longer necessary or serving me. With her I began a process of letting go my past experiences in this life and those before. I find I have a much clearer understanding of my program as a teacher and a healer and have the ability to move through the world with more grace and ease than in the past. My work continues and the skills I learned with Diana are helping me to carry on and evolve. I've been blessed to meet Diana and Marc and am looking forward to future workshops and deepening my own practice.

YaroslavHello my dear Diana,

I’m sending you my best wishes on this fabulous day of March 8th, International Women's Day! Let your beauty shine and sparkle. May it continue to blossom and last forever!

Let your caretaking soul bring love and happiness to the most distant world. May you be loved and treated nicely anywhere you go!

A jewel such as yourself is hard to find: may everyone around you take good care of it, polish it and admire it all times!

I wish for this wonderful day to repeat itself as many times as you feel!

With Love,

Message from Diana


Diana ManilovaWhen we raise Kundalini and activate our chakras, we slowly grow our etheric body. We become open, have more control over emotions and maintain a healthy/balanced body. We need to take in energy when we are weak and whenever we have a strong emotional reactions to events in our life. All people know this, but when you are conscious of this taking place, you grow more. You can see your past, clear your vision and follow your intuition. The manifestations discussed above are a result of spiritual practice at work.

Why do this work with a teacher?

When Kundalini rises it's best to have a teacher nearby to help keep control over your power. A teacher helps during times of high emotion, increased levels of energy and frequency changes occuring within the body. Slowly, you will become accustomed to these experiences and sensations.

When you raise Kundalini you become more close to God and connect with the highest level of your soul.

Do not stop your practice.
Make it a style of life.
Do it at home.
Teach others.
Teach kids.

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