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After an initial psychic consultation with Diana (see reading details), she will give you a list of spiritual homework. She may recommend that you to join a workshop for Spiritual Healing.

chakras and soundsYour Spiritual Bodies

Just as the physical world is a small place compared to whole the universe, so too is the physical body only one small part of our whole self. We have many non-physical bodies. You've probably heard of an astral, mental and etheric bodies - you use these every night in your dreams. But, really there are many more. If even one of these bodies is out of balance your aura will not be whole and you will be weak.

How to heal with Energy

An explosion of people persuing Reiki, Chi Kung and therapeutic touch has put energy healing in the lime-light. Yes, anyone can heal with energy. What nurses have known for years (and many western trained doctors unfortunately avoid) is really as natural as a mother cuddling her sick baby or you palming your forehead after you've just found the corner of the kitchen cabinet. Diana will introduce you to Shamanic practices that will take energy healing to the next level and help you incorporate simple techniques to bring healing energy into your everyday life.

Healing your Spiritual Bodies

sage smudge stickLearning to restore your aura and to clear your energy from the energy of other people you meet in everyday life is an important first step. If you have your own healing or intuition practice this can be critical. How many people have your heard of that had the 'healer's gift' and lost it after only one or two years. In Thailand, where traditional massage is popularly taught, most professionals know that some day they may have liver troubles from the collected energy taken in from their patients. Finding the best way or prepare for sessions with people and restore yourself after session is a critical part of the practices Diana teaches.

Who should attend a Spiritual Healing Workshop?

Anyone may benefit from this workshop, but if you have a existing condition that has been written off by western medicine you are good candidate. Since, most medical treatment involves treating symptoms without much emphasis placed on teh cause, you'll have to be open to illnesses being connected to your karma or lessons in this or previous life-times. A family curse can be handed down 7 generations and it's not very likely to show up on any modern x-ray, MRI or CT scans.

Having a chance to cleanse your body before joining a spiritual healing workshop can give you a real head start. If you have questions about this before had, please contact us.

Workshop Details

Individual Workshop

An intimate one-on-one program designed especially for your needs.

Couple Workshop

Work with your life partner, husband, wife, travel companion, lover or friend.

Group Workshop

Collect some friends that are ready to take the dive into their own spiritual practice. We will design a program that will benefit from the dynamic of group energy. It can be very enlightening to share in lessons with others.

Schedule and Time

Programs may be scheduled any time. We often schedule special programs around the New Moon, Full Moon and festival dates here in Thailand.

Workshop times vary according to need. Theory and practice are interchanged throughout the day. A typical workshop of 2 or more people begins at 10am and finishes at 2 or 3pm. Individual work will take less time each day. Allow time for additional activities such as body work, individual psychic reading sessions, field trips, meals, and homework (of course).

If you are visiting Thailand and want to join other courses while you are here, please do not do so during one of our workshops. You'll have enough to keep you busy 24 hours a day.

Workshop and Retreat Fees Worldwide

2 day weekend workshop: US$350
3 day weekend workshop: US$500

Other Costs: Hotel, meals, transportation and fees for additional activities (if provided) at cost.

Workshop and Retreat Fees in Thailand (minimum 3 days)

Fee (Individual): US$200 per day
Fee (Couple): US$200 per day per person
Fee (Group): US$200 per day per person

Group Incentive
1st 2 people: US$200 per day per person
3rd person or more: US$150 per day per person

Other Costs: Hotel, meals, transportation and fees for additional activities (if provided) at cost.

Workshop Itinerary

Programs are 'planned-as-we-go' to meet the needs of every individual. The items above are only a partial list of what is possible

Workshops in other Countries

We are open to help others around the world. If you wish to facilitate or host a workshop in your country for friends, associates and family, contact us. Fee's vary from country to country based on travel expenses.

Lodging and Location

Chiang Mai offers a wide range of accommodations for our workshop and retreat participants. You may plan your stay at a world class multi-star hotel or choose a simple guesthouse within the boundaries of the old city for a few US$ per day.

Accommodations Available closest to our location

See our recommendations for where to stay in Chiang Mai here.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful and pleasant, modern city in the north of Thailand. 25% of all tourist are local Thais that call this place the Rose of the North. Any time of year is a good time to visit with the possible exception of April and May when it can be very dry, hazy and hot. Late October to February constitute the high-tourist season and accommodations should be booked in advance. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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