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Mongolian Shaman
with Totem Mask
and Metal Decorated
Dress ~ Used for
Trance Dancing and
other Rituals

After an initial consultation with Diana (see clairvoyant reading details), she will most likely give you a set of homework. Sometimes this homework requires learning to discover a more in-depth intimacy with yourself. She may recommend an initiation into shamanic practice.

Spiritual Helpers from one of the three Shamanic Worlds
TotemsTalismansSpirit Helpers

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is someone that has a relationship with all the elements of nature. Shamans feel elements of the external world as an integral part of self.

A Shaman practices feeling. Through intuitive feeling a shaman learns about Spirit. This relationship extends in the spirit realms that are found under the Earth, on the Earth and in the Heavens.

Are you ready for Shamanic Practice?

Shamanic practice gives you the opportunity to travel the spiritual realms. Here you will meet your totems, guardians and teachers. As your soul is not new to the earth, these practices will test you and your past life experience. You’ll make connections and receive teachings in the Lower, Middle and Higher realms.

The Lower (Under) Shamanic World
The home of terrestrial-bound spirits of humans and animals. All the dead from Earth and the elements themselves we connect with in the Lower World. You will learn to communicate with these spirits and the elements of air, fire, water and earth. Here you connect with your ancestors, trolls, gnomes, underground teachers and learn to take power from the elements.

The Middle Shamanic World
Made up of the spirits of living animals, trees, cars, houses, musical instruments, jewelry, food, temples and ruins. When you connect with teachers in this world you get energy for material success, to spiritually clean your home, for introduction to a spirit of an area, receive power to make a talisman, charge a power object like a crystal, connect with totem animals of protection, meet a teacher that may heal you and other practices with nature.

The Higher Shamanic World
Includes the spirits of the sky such as rain, thunder, lightening and teachers from the outer-space such as our sun, moon, planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. You’ll find your highest teachers here. They will help you connect with your soul, establish a personal room of energy, regress into your pastlife to retrieve wisdom (from forgotten lessons and mistakes), help clean karma, and connect with other stars and planets.

Are you ready for Shamanic Initiation or a Deeper connection to spiritual practice?

The hardest work we do on the Earth is the work we do on ourselves. Many of us are doing whatever it takes to stay asleep and avoid the program we have been sent to work on. Knowledge acquired through books is not indicative of a planets civilization. As spiritual beings we only create civilization when we teach awareness and love.

You most certainly have had some of the experiences mentioned above or you would be reading through this information. Our workshops and retreats are created to help initiate you into many of the above practices so that you may apply them in everyday life.

If you are ready and open, we are here to provide you a special place for initiation away from life’s everyday distractions. We promise to help you create your own Life Event and find your Key to Happiness.

Key to Happiness: Workshops and Retreats

We teach many different shamanic practices that will help you discover your Key to Happiness. Generally we recommend 3 day workshops for groups of 3 to 5 people.

Shaman Workshop in Chiang Mai are typically small and intimate

When you've become full of new spiritual techniques, you can immediately apply your practice in everyday life. After some time, 1 month, 6 months or even a year, you'll know you are ready for more in a follow-up workshop. Many people come to work with us every 6 months or just once a year. Make a little sacred time to work with your soul and we will be ready.

Group Workshop - 3 person minimum

Collect some friends that are ready to take the dive into their own spiritual practice. We will design a program that will benefit from the dynamic of group energy. It can be very enlightening to share in lessons with others.

Couple Workshop

Work with your life partner, husband, wife, travel companion, lover or friend.

Workshop Details

Schedule and Time

Programs may be scheduled any time. We often schedule special programs around the New Moon, Full Moon and festival dates here in Thailand.

Workshop times vary according to need. Theory and practice are interchanged throughout the day. A typical workshop of 2 or more people begins at 10am and finishes at 2 or 3pm. Individual work will take less time each day. Allow time for additional activities such as body work, individual psyhic reading consultations, field trips, meals, and homework (of course).

If you are visiting Thailand and want to join other courses while you are here, please do not do so during one of our workshops. You'll have enough to keep you busy 24 hours a day.

Workshop Fees in Thailand (3 days)

Group of 3 to 5: US$175 per day per person (3hrs daily)
Couple: US$200 per day per person (3hrs daily)
Group of 6+: US$150 per day per person (5hrs daily)

Other Costs: Travel, Hotel, meals, transportation and fees for additional activities (if provided) at cost.

Workshop and Retreat Fees - South East Asia

Group of 5 to 10 people
2 to 3 day weekend: US$350 per person

Group of 11 or more people
2 to 3 day weekend: US$300 per person

Other Costs: Travel, Hotel, meals, transportation and fees for additional activities (if provided) at cost.

Shamanic Workshop Itinerary

Programs are 'planned-as-we-go' to meet the needs of every individual. The items above are only a partial list of what is possible

Workshops in other Countries

We are open to help others around the world. If you wish to facilitate or host a workshop in your country for friends, associates and family, contact us. Fee's vary from country to country based on travel expenses.

Lodging and Location

Chiang Mai offers a wide range of accommodations for our workshop and retreat participants. You may plan your stay at a world class multi-star hotel or choose a simple guesthouse within the boundaries of the old city for a few US$ per day.

Accommodations Available closest to our location

See our recommendations for where to stay in Chiang Mai here.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful and pleasant, modern city in the north of Thailand. 25% of all tourist are local Thais that call this place the Rose of the North. Any time of year is a good time to visit with the possible exception of April and May when it can be very dry, hazy and hot. Late October to February constitute the high-tourist season and accommodations should be booked in advance. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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