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Leverage, Relax, Make Good

Where What How
Foot Warm Up 1 Whole Foot Shake & Bake Repeat warm up as needed
  2 Whole Foot Foot Flopping  
  3 Whole Foot: Sides Squeezing 3x Heel to Toe, Lf Hand, Rt Hand
Toes 4 Big Toe Wag the Dog Pull w/knuckles and shake; support heel with other hand
  5 All Toes Rotate and Pull 3x ea direction
  6 All Toes: Sides Inchworm Tip to Base, get on the web
  7 All Toes: Soles Inchworm Base to Tip
  8 All Toes: Tops Inchworm 2 Finger
Top/Edges/Heels 9 Top of Foot: Grooves Finger Tip Roll Change hands as needed
  10 Top of Foot Finger Tip Rotations 2 Handed, base of toes to sides of ankle
  11 Foot: Inner Edge Inchworm 3x toe base to heel
  12 Heel: Inner Inchworm 5x Fan
  13 Heel: Back Index Finger Inchworm Across Bone
  14 Heel: Outer Inchworm 5x Fan
  15 Foot: Outer Edge Inchworm 3x toe base to heel
Ball 16 Sole: Top 1/3 Inchworm Vertical: Heel to Toe
  17 Sole: Top 1/3 Inchworm Horizontal: 3x ea direction
Toe Return 18 Toes: Tips Fingertip Role  
  19 Toes: Tips Inchworm  
  20 Big Toe: Detail Inchworm and more Bottom, sides, across top, pituitary blast and 2 handed rub
Midsole 22 Sole: Mid 1/3 Inchworm Horizontal: 3x lf/rt then diagonal
  23 Sole: Mid 1/3 2 Thumb dig and pull Heel to Toe, use whole body
Lotion 24 Foot Top Knuckle Buffing 2 hand and 1 hand detail
  25 Foot: Sole and Sides 2 Thumb dig Heel to Toe
  26 Whole Sole and Heel Single Knuckle Digging Root Chakra
Change chair angle 27 Foot: Sole Fingertip dig Heel to Toe & many times across: Make Good from deep knuckling
  28 Foot: Whole Squeezing  
Change back 29 Freeform and Detail  
  30 Foot: Whole Slapping Bottoms, sides, tops
  31 Foot: Top Hotspot  
  32 Foot: Bottom Hotspot  

Developed and Tutored by USA Certified Reflexologist Robert Morgan. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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