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Diana Manilova Spiritual HealerDiana may do phone readings for people she as previously seen in person or people that are referred by someone that has worked with her in person. If you are sensitive and feel you may connect with her without this additional connection, she may do work by phone; you will need to send us your birth date and a photo where Diana may see your eyes.

Diana's first language is Russian so you should be able to understand someone with a strong accent. Her vocabulary is also very specific so you should be in a quiet setting to understand and receive the gift of her message the best. We also recommend some quiet time for contemplation and to let things settle in after your call.

We'll need to receive payment in advance of your phone session. If your situation is not life threatening, please be patient as we schedule your session. Diana's time is booked much of the time working with people and with her own practice. We ask for you to be flexible because she tries to serve people based on urgency of their need.

You should also read through a good portion of Diana's website so you'll be familiar with her language and the concepts presented. The more you know and the more open you are, the more you will receive. Please have a few questions ready to get your session started. If Diana goes off on a tangent, rest assured, her message will link back to your questions in the end.

Payment for phone readings are 5000 THB (Thai Baht) = USD 165. Expect to spend between 45 to 60 minutes for your phone session. Send us a list of questions and/or topics with your photo so we can prepare before hand.

Have a notepad handy to take notes at the end of your session. Try not to write as Diana is speaking to you unless she tells you to do so. It is more important for you to be present when receiving her message. She will summarize everything at the end of you session and give you a list of todo's (homework) which you can write down then.

She may recommend a follow-up session, a visit to work with her in Thailand or some other spiritual practice. Be prepared to free up your schedule ;-)

You should contact us by skype or phone during your scheduled time-window (tell us your preferred times). All of Thailand is GMT/UMT +7. Check our time vs your time by comparing time zones here.

+66 53-894-708 (land line Chiang Mai, Thailand)
+66 87-803-2433 (mobile of assistant Amy)
diana.manilova (SkypeID for Diana session calls)

For a phone session with Diana Manilova, please contact us

Recommended reading:
What to expect in an individual session with Diana -

Diana may recommend additional sessions, a workshop or retreat program - see and

Oracle Retreat info at 5,000 THB (Thai Baht) = 175 USD

Payment options to Diana:

1. Secure internet Credit Card or eCheck for a Personal Coaching Session with Diana Manilova Account Name: Diana Manilova (on card statement Diana Manilova)
Click the button below...

2. Wire Transfer to Thailand

Bangkok Bank
Kad Suan Kaew Branch
99/4 M.2 T.Suthep A.Muang Chiangmai 50200
Ph: 66-53-225465 and 66-53-225466 and 66-53-225467
Fx: 66-53-225464
A/C Name: Diana Manilova
A/C Number: 531-0-732366

Please contact us by email after your transfer so we may confirm receipt in 3 to 5 banking days.

3. (USA Only) Deposit a check directly into Diana's Wells Fargo Account

Wells Fargo Bank
PO Box 3488
Portland, OR 97208

Make Check Payable:
Diana Manilova

In the Memo field put:
Deposit into Acct# 275-8064-535

Please contact us after you have made payment so we may track it's receipt.

5. Western Union Money Transfer, Chiang Mai (Kad Suan Kaew, Central Branch), Thailand

Diana Manilova (we can send you all details prior to your sending money)
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