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Pokiyani means penance (or repentance) in Russian. Here is a sample dialogue between Diana and a student involving the relationship with her mother.

Diana: When was the last time you fought with your mother?

Student: 2 to 3 months ago

D: But you said you have not been speaking together for one year?

S: Yes, but we met in street when I as on my way to work. I had been thinking to call her and talk to her during the previous 2 to 3 days. We met and I suggested meet for lunch, but we had a fight.

D: What did you fight about?

S: About me wearing pants and her having surgery for her eye. She lied to me 3 times. She said she went made an appointment 3 times, but cancelled everyone. she's going blind, but could have surgery to fix the problem. This is the reason I stopped talking ...

D: Wait... What day was this?

S: It was on Monday, I don't remember the exact date.

D: What pants where you wearing?

S: White slacks.

D: What kind of shirt?

S: Pink and beige, cotton.

D: Which place did you have lunch?

S: The Paramount Hotel

D: You had a small table? Was it round?

S: Yes.

D: What else?

S: It was covered with a beige tablecloth.

D: What did you eat?

S: I think I had a salad and my mother had a bowl of soup.

D: Okay. Do you remember when you got angry? What did she say? Did she demand something of you?

S: I asked how she was doing and she said she was wonderful. I didn't believe her. She asked me how I was doing and I told her I was lonely and unhappy. She said I only needed to remember one thing, to stop wearing pants because doing so makes men angry.

D: Stop. Repeat this... 5 times, 10 times, 100 times. When you have no emotions, when you remember her words, this is like a key for power. This means you brought back your energy.

S: Do I say the words?

D: You do not need to speak them, just remember them in your mind. Get angry again.

S: Right now?

D: Now! Sit and repeat, again and again. When you are not angry, tell me...

pause... 3 minutes

D: Remember the words that created the anger. Only these words.

pause... 2 minutes

D: Still angry? Keep repeating

pause... 2 minutes

D: only these words...

pause... 1 minute

S: Okay, I think it's okay.

D: Now, you're not angry with these words? Now remember the next situation. When you said you spoke to her about her surgery, not about your pants.

S: I told her to talk about her surgery instead of about my pants. My pants are not her problem. I asked her to tell me why? She always says the truth is more important than anything else so why did she lie about her surgery? Then she became really angry and started screaming at me. She said she didn't promise anything. Then I got really angry, got up and left.

D: With this situation, you should remember everything. Remember all the details. You have to go back to that time. Then, you continue to go back further. Go back slowly. Go back, back, back. Go back to when you were a baby and you fought with your mother. The idea is to not think about who is right or wrong. The idea is to remember the key, remember when you lost your energy. Which word or words? Remember the specific to bring back energy. This will be hard work?

S: Are there are other ways to restore my energy... like meditation?

D: There are different types of energy. You have lost energy that represents your holy grail. Energy that is pure and clean. Energy that was bestowed upon you from God. This energy is special for your as a mortal. It is clean and pure energy.

Energy from meditation is like desert, but does not contain the essence of your soul. Do you understand? You cannot live eating only ice cream, snacks and chewing gum. These are not nutritious for your soul.

S: You're telling to to eat something that makes me uncomfortable over and over again?

D: Yes, this energy is part of you. This energy is given to you like a blessing from God. It's hard to explain, but it's like plasma. I don't know how to say. This energy is not for your kidneys, lungs, heart or organs. This is energy for your soul. Natural energy (prana, kundalini and others) has many types, but these energies are not for your soul. Understand?

S: I... huh... understand, but it's not what I want to do with time and energy. What do I have to do? Spend hours replaying my most painful memories?

D: Not always. Sometimes you may spend 30 minutes before you remember and event without emotion. Then you know your energy has been brought back. The more details you remember, the faster your energy will return. This is why I have asked you to remember all the event details, even the colors. These are the places where your energy leaks out. Understand?

S: This situation with my mother as happened everyday for 1 year. Do I have to go through every single day and remember all this hurt.

D: When you bring back energy something will change and these situations will not be holding you back. This person is not keeping your energy, only the situation. This is why you are angry. You are exhausted. You will not need to sit through this pain for another 365 days.

S: This is why I'm angry, because I give all this energy and do not receive anything back?

D: Of course, everyday that you give energy and do not receive it back, you will be angry.

How are long are you visiting?

S: For a few weeks.

D: Okay, I will give you 4 days. You have to bring back energy from your mother. Take a candle and a bottle of drinking water. If you cry, then cry. Remember each situation like it was happening in this moment right now.

S: Repeat these moments again and again until I have no pain?

D Yes. If you see the color more clearly and your clothing, you will bring back all of the energy you've lost. This is not easy. This is like an elixir or nectar for power.

When we were born on the Earth we lost 50% our energy. why? We were sitting in water and then we came to earth. Many animals needed 1 million years to go through this process and evolve life. We have life. but have to pay a high price. 50% of our energy we give up during birth, but this is okay.

We are born with enough energy to live 200 to 400 yrs (most of or organs may last this long). But we waste lots of energy for air. We use energy for all activities... walking, eating, talking, learning something new, thinking. Energy gives us the ability to live.

When you receive a positive result from your spent energy, you receive energy in return. For example, if you spend many years studying the human body, you may heal people and receive this energy back in return. When you do something positive with your energy, like studying something new, you may receive energy back by helping others.

Have you studied a lot?

S: Yes.

D: Did you study and finish what you started.

S: Yes.

D: For this you have to pay a price. If you have a baby, this is very difficult. If you raise a nice child, you get energy back. If you put energy into writing a book, then your book will need to be successful to receive this energy back.

This is like a program. But, when you fight with your mother, you are a loser. Your like a baby that cries for ice-cream. You're only using your energy for air. The only possibility for with your mother, is to bring your energy back. When you have brought back this energy, then your next step will be to do this work with your husband.

S: My ex-husband?

D: Oh yeah. For this, you lost lots of energy. These are your 2 most important boxes for energy. You have to open them up and bring it back.

S: And what about my father?

D: Beautiful girl, this is hard work. Even a strong man may only do 2% of this work. I don't want to push you. Without energy, you cannot do anything. You are stuck. Your aura has lots of holes like you have been shot many times over again and again. When you bring back your energy, you will fill these holes. I may give you more energy, but whatever I give you now will only go out. Now, I can give you nothing. This is what is happening with you right now. This is hard work.

Remember your past and bring back your energy. Bring back your energy through smells, colors, clothing and all the other details.

Then take a break, do yoga or your other spiritual practice. Take a break from Pokiyani practice.

When you balance your new energy through your other practice, then you may go more deeply into Pokiyani. You may go further back, but go slowly.

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