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Pokiyani means penance (or repentance) in Russian. A retreat dedicated to Pokiyani will help you to restore your energy and clean your karma.

What is the benefit of Pokiyani?

Pokiyani restores your aura to its natural state.

When you were in the womb, you had all the god given energy that you would need to live your life on Earth. The day you are born you lost 1/2 of this energy just by going from a water environment into the air. You were really like a fish out of water at the time of your birth.

Throughout the rest of your life, you continue to expend energy. This process normally takes place in a couple of ways. First, you lose energy when you become angry or emotional when you are injured by someone else. Second, you also lose energy when you injure others.

Diana commonly works with individuals that are completed depleted of energy. When you are depleted of energy, there is very little you may do in terms of spiritual work until you solve this problem. Diana says to picture it like this. You have an energy ball (aura) around your entire body that makes an egg shape which is responsible for holding all your energy. When you have emotional life experiences this egg becomes torn or punctured. If your energy-egg is not completely whole, you lose any new energy you receive.

A lot of spiritual practice involves working with energy. For you to benefit from this practice, you need to have a place to store energy. You cannot keep energy until you restore your aura.

Restoration of your aura through pokiyani also represents a way to work with your soul. When you perform penance with all the people you know, you restore your energy and cleanse your soul.

What is the benefit of having a guided Pokiyani Retreat?

Work with energy and work with your soul is a delicate process. Diana can see your aura and help you along with this program while you work on your past life relationships.

Diana acts like a spotter or coach when you dive into the deeper emotional events of your life. Although there is a psychological aspect to Diana's guidance, there is also an intimate spiritual part that you may find difficult to put into words.

Many people perform Pokiyani with deceased friends and relatives and Diana may offer additional assistance in this area as well.

How does Pokiyani work?

Pokiyani works by replenishing your energy and restoring your aura. A common result is to have more physical energy and peace inside yourself. Many people that have undertaken a Pokiyani retreat find that tarnished relationships are brought into a new light.

Some people have even told us about relationships with estranged friends and family members that are totally turned around immediately after the retreat.

Schedule for Guided Pokiyani Meditation Retreats

As with all of the programs at, we first recommend an initial psyhic reading consultation with Diana before committing to a retreat. She may recommend anywhere from a 7 day to a 14 day retreat. She may also recommend Pokiyani with a mixture of other practice or a full-time dedication to Pokiyani alone.

Would you like to know more about Pokiyani?

Contact us for more information or see our Daily Practices for details about how to perform Pokiyani Practice on a daily basis.

Pokiyani info (by links) on our site.


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