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Osho Meditation in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bagwan Osho RashneshOsho's Dymanic Meditations are provided as part of our spiritual practice at in Chiang Mai. Kundalini Meditation is lead by Osho Sanyasins Ma Jivan Vishmaya (aka Diana Manilova).

Group Meditation is available during workshops to people who have had an initial reading with Diana that have completed there homework. Contact us here when you arrive in Chiang Mai.

Beloved OshoOsho recommended his dynamic meditations for anyone interested in a more active form of meditation than the traditional stillness practices of the East. Specifically designed for Westerners with overly active minds, Osho's meditations will help you to peel away the layers of your mind.

Most techniques are one hour long and have been scientifically designed by Osho to be complimented with music. We recommend coming with loose, comfortable clothing, an open mind and open heart.

Which Osho Meditations are Available in Chiang Mai?

Osho Kundalini Meditation

As the name implies, this meditation moves very potent energies within you. Just as it is good to do Dynamic Meditation at sunrise, this beautiful sister meditation is best done at sunset. The meditation is broken down into 4 - 15 minute stages with each stage accompanied by music design specifically to awaken your kundalini energy.

Read about the personal experiences of people that have practiced Kundalini Meditation twice-a-week for over several years at this link - How People Change

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Pictorial Representation of
Kundalini Fire.
See why Diana recommends having
a teacher around when this energy awakens.

Osho Chakra Meditation

For this meditation you make vocal sounds along with music to open and harmonize the chakras while briging awareness the natural energy centers of your body.

Osho Gibberish Meditation

Gibberish meditation may be done at any time of day while alone or in a group. Osho introduces the meditation that is accompanied by the voices of a room full Osho sanyasins. You use your own voice to make non-sense sounds or make up your own langage.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Best done at sunrise, this meditation may be done alone or in a group. Osho promised that the energy would be more powerful if performed within a group. You should keep your eyes closed or wear a blindfold and perform the meditation with an empty stomach.

Where are Osho meditations held in Thailand?

Osho: Kundalini, Gibberish, Chakra and Dynamic MeditationsOsho's dymanic meditations are provided by invitatio for people who have worked with Diana Manilova in private sessions at in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Contact us here for session booking details. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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