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Eye Yoga and Alternative Eye Treatments

Eye Yoga: Simple procedure for strengthening and exercising the eyes

Eye ailments often accompany a time for you to have new vision about your life or a situation that you are currently presented with. If you have an eye ailment, the exercises below may serve as a complimentary practice to any other treatment.

Eye Yoga is best performed while sitting with straight spine. Once in morning, once in evening.

1. Side to Side and Up and Down

With Eyes Wide Open. Look all the way (ATW) to the left. Look ATW to the right. 4 times (x) then close eyes and rest.
With Eyes Wide Open. Look ATW up. Look ATW down. 4x then close eyes and rest.

2. Diagonal

With Eyes Wide Open. Look ATW to upper left. Look ATW lower right. 4x then close eyes and rest.
With Eyes Wide Open. Look ATW to upper right. Look ATW lower left. 4x then close eyes and rest.

3. Around the clock

With Eyes Wide Open. Look ATW to 1:00, Look at 2:00 all the way to twelve. 1x then close eyes and rest.
With Eyes Wide Open. Look ATW to 11:00, Look at 10:00 all the way to twelve. 1x then close eyes and rest.

4. Focus practice

Hold up one finger in front of your nose and focus on your finger print. Then look out the window and focus on the horizon. 4x then close eyes and rest.

5. Eye cupping - most important; all throughout the day

Cover your eyes and sockets with the palm of both hands. Overlap your fingers on your forehead. 1 minute. Repeat all day many times. Sit at a desk and put your elbows on the table top for support. You may then perform eye cupping for 5 to 10 minutes.

Home Remedy for Eye Strain

Another common home remedy for eye strain (red eyes) is to slice a fresh potatoe and put potatoe slices on your eye when you go to bed at night. You'll wake up with the dried starch on your eye lids but this is expected and okay.

Home Remedy for Wrinkles on and around the Eye Lids

For wrinkles around the eyes, try slices of fresh cucumber.

Home Remedy for Cataracts

Here's one you can laugh at, but still should take seriously. For eye ailments, use drops of pee-pee from a new born (not more than 3 months), breast fed baby in your eye. Great for cataracts.

A good page for eye information including it's structural components, definitions of common ailments and other eye links Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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