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Cleansing Soul

Pokiyanni (in Russian) is penance for your body, mind and soul. Penance is the way of forgiveness in which you seek to purify this life and past life experiences.

A 7-day period is recommended with concentrated work of 2 hours each. Burn a candle. Light some incense. Make this a sacred time for you to be alone with yourself. Start with whatever prayer or mantra, which may be familiar to you. Find a peaceful place inside yourself and begin.

Penance is saying, "I am sorry." First, "I am sorry for hurting others." Second, "I am sorry to others for hurting me. When you say ", I'm sorry," you must see the person. You must remember clothing, time of day, smells, location, and circumstances. Remember everything. You may want to write out the person's name and these words.

The job is to clear up any conflict you may be carrying first from relationships in this lifetime. Times of sorrow, times of great joy, time of doubt and wonder; these are all events great energy output. Go back to those events and take back the vital energy that you left behind. In your unclarity .

In processing these transition points and freeing them of any blocked energy that might be there, you begin to justify your existence and make right many wrongs.

If able, then you can go deeper into other levels of consciousness to continue the work.

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