Shamanic Workshops and Meditation Retreats in Chiangmai, Thailand

Chi Gung Practice by Felix
Try what you can with eyes closed. Feel the spine. Feel your animal nature.

Side to Side Twist, soft slap of inner organs
Balance on each foot
Kick out with foot at knee, don't snap knee
Ankle Rotations - slowly
Knees touch, rotate and stretch
Hips - horse riding stance, sit, use wall to start
Push ground with each leg
Push ground stomach out/stomach in
Continue rotations toward inner circle/stop/feel
Tailbone pump - Michael Jackson
Belly Dance - Circle Sacrum - back/forth
Navel Turn to sides - Lumbar Twist
With Arms, With Legs, mind in navel
Bend Over and Shake out Arms
Lift up and Shake out Wrist
Breathe in/chest out/blades together/breath out/drop in back
Rotate Shoulders Back - Back Stroke
Bend Over/Breath in/shoulders up/breath out/drop in front
Neck Crane/Swan/Exhale and drop
Inhale/Raise/Crane - get with the whip and get bigger
Drop Head - hold relaxed, rise slowly
Slow Head Left/Slow Head Right
Drop Head to Side - Stretch Neck Left/Right
Roll Head with Chin Down - Left and Right
Roll Head in a Circle by moving Shoulders
Bend at the Waist/Breath in Earth
Inhale and Raise Arms over Head, Touch the Sky w/o tension
Tendon Stretch Left/Right feel a whole body cable and heat
Lower Arms and drop w/Gravity, Shake body with Gravity
Like Jumping w/o leaving the ground
Check Hips, Back, Arms, Legs, Neck, etc
Weebles Wobble - Rock back and forth over center of gravity
Stop and feel
Raise Arms to front of chest, tree hug
Grow into the ground, feel your branches
Breath through your skin like a tree
Hands on the stomach, Shake it out, shake it down
Kidney Breathing

"A healthy spine is a healthy body." • Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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